SpeedHub Bike Fit

7 Jan


Last year I was giving my good friend Mel Berry a hand with her training prior to her racing at IM70.3 Mallorca. Mel had recently got herself a new time trial bike and we decided that it would be best to get a bike fit early season before she started her serious training.


We paid a visit to friend of TFN; Tim at SpeedHub in Leicestershire. You may remember Tim from when he used to help out at the TFN shop. He has now set up a fantastic facility to assist cyclists and triathletes with their goals.


Tim started the fit by asking Mel about her Goals for the coming season and what she wanted from the session.  He then assessed her dynamic and static flexibility and checked out her range of motion.

Tim then went on to check Mel’s bike shoes and cleat positioning over to ensure that her knees were tracking correctly and she was best able to put power down on the bike.



We then moved onto the bike itself. As Mel was going to be competing at Half Ironman distance (1.9km swim, 90km bike and a half marathon) Tim felt that a compromise between aerodynamics and comfort would need to be made. In addition Mel would be running off the bike so she couldn’t ride in a position that would be suitable for a 10 mile time trial.

Tim fixed a series of LEDs to Mel that could be read by the sensor made by Reutel. Tim is a fully certified Reutel fitter and one of only a handful in the country that has all of the equipment. The sensor allows Tim to track the rider’s movements and provides him with the critical information that allows him to make the right decisions for the client.

Sensor_Harness Reutel_Sensor

There were several alterations to make to Mel’s position on the bike and Tim went through several runs to make sure she was comfortable and able to put out power. There were many changes to stem height and the aerobar locations before he was happy with the final  position.


By the end of the fitting session Mel was putting out more power for the same heart rate and was in a more aerodynamic position. Big wins all round!



The Mallorca course features a long 6 degree climb so we needed to make sure that Mel had the correct gearing on her bike. Tim was able to load the course onto the system to allow Mel to ride the hill. We quickly established that for Mel to ride the hill at a sensible heart rate, power and cadence that we needed to swap her standard chainset out for a compact one and change her rear cassette. This was hugely valuable and a service that is unique in the UK. If you want to take advantage of this let Tim know so he can locate the bike route for you.


Tim also has one of the very few Muve fit bikes in the UK. This allows him to perform a fit on you without a bike. Once the fit has finished Tim can assist you in finding the right bike or frame to suit you avoiding a potentially very costly mistake. Once you’ve purchased your new racing maching Tim will then fit you onto it using the data he has already gathered.



I was standing on top of the mountain in Mallorca when Mel went passed looking strong and comfortable. She went on to have a great day racing on one of the toughest 70.3 bike courses in the world. Her gearing choices allowed her to save her legs for the run. Mel also had a great year time trialling and her times got better and better as the year went on.

You can contact Tim via his website


On email


or you can give him a ring

07929 932423


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