A long year

13 Aug

It’s been ages. Sorry I really got out of the habit. Need to get going again as it’s good for me.

So what’s been happening? Met a girl who I had been friends with for years. Fancied her since the day I laid eyes on her but never really thought that she felt the same way. Last year it turned out she did. I had a great time with her for 9 months and it had the potential to get very serious. We had to have a chat though about the one thing you couldn’t compromise on. I don’t want children and have never felt paternal. Unfortunately she wants to be a mum so we had to finish before either of us got really hurt. I loved her and it hurts so much. I’m constantly thinking about her and how much I hurt her. I just hope she can forgive me and work on friendship. We don’t have the luxury of avoiding each other and walking away from it as are in the same club. I desperately hope it all works out.

Had a major bout of depression during the winter combined with what was probably post viral fatigue. Didn’t manage to get going until May this year so about 5 months behind on training. Unsurprisingly time trialing isn’t going so well this year. Oh well. Going to focus on building into the winter and loosing some weight. I have however done my first solo triathlon in 3 years recently which was painful but fun. Might try and get another one done in september. Swim was good, bike very poor and run okay considering the injuries I’m carrying and the training I’ve done. World be lovely to have a really good stab at a sprint triathlon in good shape.

Got promoted to senior designer at work which has been immensely rewarding and satisfying as I’ve been working towards it for a couple of years. 🙂 really enjoying the change of role and leading a design team.

So thats all for now. Back soon with coaching and what’s been going k with that.


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