Weight Loss 101

7 Jan

So a long time ago now I lost a lot of weight. I got from 125 kg to 92 kg This has been creeping back up again recently and I’m now knocking on 105 again. As you can imagine I’m not very happy about this and have decided to push to loose some more. It also really holds me back in sporting terms too. Running at 105 kg is just not very much fun and climbing on a bike is really hard. I’ve decided to aim for 90 kg with a stretch goal of 85 depending on how it’s going and what my body composition is like. I’ll get a body fat test done to and aim for around 10%.

So I’ve come up with set of rules. This are pretty tough but also realistic. I’ll also follow a 90/10 rule do if at least 90% of my eating follows the plan then I won’t worry too much about the other 10%. Do what am I planning?

Tom’s Food Rules
1. Breakfast must involve protein (eggs)
2. Carbs must be wholegrain / wholemeal (brown rice, bread, pasta)
3. No carbs after 4pm, unless evening training has occurred
4. Can only snack on fruit or drinks in between meals
5. Drink no calories (e.g. no fruit juice or coke etc)
6. Only allowed 2 alcoholic drinks per day (preferably red wine)
7. Bulk of meals should be predominantly fruit, salad and vegetables and a lean source of protein (e.g. chicken breast not sausages)
8. Lunch should be a salad + lean source of protein (as above)
9. Coffee only 1st thing in the morning, thereafter water or green tea
10. Sugar only allowed for training purposes

I’ll also come up with some shorter term goals and rewards for hitting them. I’ll do a regular weigh in and keep track of what I eat.

Chat soon!


2 Responses to “Weight Loss 101”

  1. Caroline (@foxc_uk) February 17, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    Sounds like a plan I’m going to follow too! Great that you’ve got it down to a 10 – point plan, too many rules means it’s easy to lose your way. How’s it coming along?

    • tricoachtom February 17, 2012 at 10:25 am #

      Good thanks about to sneak under 100kgs, was a bit ill and lost the way a bit but back on it now. It’s also good to have a goal that’s external to your weight loss targets. I.e. ‘I want to loose a stone’ might not stop you eating a chocolate bar for a snack. However ‘I want to ride 22 minutes for 10 miles’ will mean you can ask yourself is this choice going to aid my goal or hinder it? Speaking of which time for an apple…

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