Life Is Too Short For Bad Rubber

10 Nov

Sorry it’s been a while! I’ll expand on that in a little while. To cut a long story short though… I’ve met a wonderful woman, I’m no longer in therapy and I’m on a low dose medication. Horay!

But on with the good stuff. I’ve been looking for some new tyres for my trusty steed recently. There’s an enormous amount of choice out there and it’s all very confusing (even to a rubber geek like me).

I recently read a very interesting article by roadbike magazine which had a pretty comprehensive testing procedure along the lines that the german tour magazine would normally do, You can download the article here

The clear winners were the Continental Grand Prix 4-Season. I’ve gone for 25mm to give a bit more comfort and hopefully grip than my normal 23mm tyres. I would have gone for 28mm but my winter bike has full SKS Mudguards and I’m not sure they would have fitted.

I’ll ride them for a few days and update this post with more info. If I like them I’ll change my recomendation on my Best Clincher Tyres post too.


UPDATE – So I’ve had the tyres on for a while now and like them. Not as fast as the GP4000s but rolling well and seems pretty robust. Recommended!


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