5 Quick Triathlon Tips For Beginners

1 Sep

I was recently asked by an old friend for some tips before her first triathlon so I bashed some off from the top of my head. May be of use for you too.

1. Practise your transitions. Run through several times what you are going to do between the swim and the bike and the bike and the run. You’ll soon work out what works and what doesn’t and be more confident.

2. Get to know the race site. Where does the swim entry into transition. where does the bike out and run out go. Where is your bike in transition. use a permanant landmark to help you find it. Walk through several times so you have a good idea what you are doing

3. Don’t go too hard in the swim. Start of steady and if you are feeling good build from there. If you sprint off (and I’ve done it) you’re anaerobic at the start and never really get it back.

4. Do some ‘brick’ runs. Go for a bike ride but leave your running shoes ready in the house. as soon as you get back put your runners on and go out for 10-15 minutes. You’ll soon get used to running with ‘jelly’ legs. The feeling goes after a mile or so and you can get into it.

5. Don’t worry about having the right kit – people spend a lot of cash on all the triathlon gear and you really don’t need it, the people I see at their first race having the most fun are the ones who aren’t taking it seriously. A trisuit that you wear throughout the event does make things quicker and easier though as you don’t have to change clothes.


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