What a difference a day makes

26 Aug

So was having a really bad week, a combination of drinking too much on the weekend and then starting anti-deppresants to help me deal with the anxiety. Then something happened on Thursday night that really lifted my sprits and let me look at things with a different prespective for a change.

Treasure the good days – the memories will get you through the bad ones.


One Response to “What a difference a day makes”

  1. Ben Schneider October 11, 2011 at 12:16 am #

    Tri Coach,

    Found your blog from Sue Aquila’s post (Endurance Corner). I like your stuff and hope the depression is getting more manageable.

    I’ve dealt with depressions at times and and its no simple beast. When the clouds gather and the sky turns dark you just know the storm is coming…this is how my mind perceives darkness and a coming case of ‘darkness’, i.e. depression. I have found that mine is often triggered by lack of sleep for days, weeks, or even months of lack of sleep on end….I
    supppose everybody’s trigger is different…

    What you wrote above about traesuring the good days and how they can help get you through the bad times is very true….you always just got to realize that no storm lasts forever. After darkness, the sun rises again.

    Take care man and be easy man.


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