Personal Best

15 Jun

Some good news, I set a new Pb on Thursday at Nottingham Clarions Evening 1o on the A10\28c course. Time on the night was 23:32 so best my previous best by 24 seconds.

It was a good night for racing, it had been raining a bit so was low pressure, temperature was about right so I wasn’t going to overheat. Winds had dropped right off. I did get rained on going through the first half of the course which made me a bit cautious on the corners but that probably meant I didn’t overdo it.

Got passed by my minute man Sean Eden (who went on to win in 22:02) after halfway which actually helped as I was able to pace off him for the next 3 or 4 miles. Just as well as I was hurting and loosing motivation at that point. I’ve been racing without a watch or Garmin receently and thats been good. I had the Garmin on tonight and I can’t work out if it helped or hindered. It certainly helped once I thought I was on for a Pb but may have hindered me on the first half.

Training has been reasonably consistant recently and consists of

Hill Reps: 6 – 8 3 minute efforts with a 20 minute warmup and cool down, done for strength so in a big gear. 90 mins in total

TT: Ride out and back to local club 10 – so total 2 1/2 hrs riding with 20+ minutes full gas

Long Ride: 3 + hours at a moderate effort. A social ride more than anything else.

I commute on a bike nearly everyday and over the week that probably adds up to another 2+ hours

So about 8 – 9 hours a week all in.

Next TT will be after I’m back from France so will see what 2 1/2 weeks of riding bicycles does for my form.


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