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15 Jun

So the long-awaited first meeting with my councillor for a chat and to see where I am. I hadn’t really slept through worry about spilling my inner workings to a stranger again and nearly didn’t go. Made it to work for the morning and then off to the health centre to meet Laura. She was lovely, younger than me which I find a bit strange and a Nottingham lass through and through. We filled in the normal questionnaires showing that my low moods (depression) have lifted a bit but the anxiety is still biting hard.

She went over the notes from my previous appointment and filled in some of the gaps. I found it easy to talk to her and she was impressed at the steps that I have already taken and changes I have made. Based on my circumstance and the progress and willingness to try to talk we’re going for CBT in a 1 on 1 environment.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is a combination of two types of therapy: ‘Cognitive’ helps you to look at your thought processes which, when experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety, can be unhelpful in your life And ‘Behavioural’ is what you do in response to these unhelpful thought processes.

CBT is based on the belief that most unhealthy ways of thinking and behaving have been learned over a long period of time. Through  CBT you will learn to change this way of thinking, helping you react more positively, while boosting self-esteem and confidence. It is an empowering and practical way of encouraging self-help.

We’re going to start after I get back from France, hopefully the break will give me some head space to think things through and work out what it is I want from life and a direction to go in. In the meantime Laura is going to come up with an individual plan for me.

I could really do with a day without anxiety now, feels like it’s been going on forever and I can’t remember waking up and not feeling like the world is going to end if I step out of the front door. After speaking to Laura I’m going to see the GP and ask for something to take the edge off the anxiety and help me think rationally again.

Bye for now


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