Keep On Moving …

6 Jun

Beeston CC 10 Mile TT Start

So the last time but one I wrote about myself and Ms Black Dog splitting up. It’s been a bit rough and my friends continue to amaze me – they’ve all been great and I really appreciate them. I’ve mainly been keeping busy and accepting those invites to events I’d otherwise have avoided. I just need to keep on moving and stick to the schedule that I set myself and avoid hiding at home. I’ve been told that if you go there’s a chance you will enjoy it and feel better. If you don’t go it’s a definite that you won’t enjoy yourself. Makes sense really!

This weekend is a case in point really. I went on the Inaugural Beeston Pub Crawl (test run), a hop skip and eventually a stumble around the waterholes of Beeston in Nottingham. It’s been a while since I undertook an event of this type – in fact I can’t remember so it was probably at university 10 or more years ago (eek!). So after 19 half pints (thankfully just halves) of real ale  a can of energy drink, a large breakfast, a shot of tequila, sausage and mash and 2 pints of cider it was time to head home, pop Hot Fuzz on and fall asleep on the sofa. Met some great guys and really enjoyed myself. Interesting mix of pubs too from the fine real ale served in the Crown and the Victoria Hotel (both recommended) to the not so delights of Tequila in the Queens Hotel (not recommended). Keep an eye out for the next one as Gareth the organiser wants to run them regularly and have them as open events.

Have been out on the bike a lot as well, which is good as it keeps me sane and is fantastic stress control. I didn’t think I was as fit as this time last year due to an appalling winter and my recent bout of anxiety / depression. However recent 10 mile TT results would suggest otherwise. Rode a 25:05 on the Nottingham Clarion course which I was pleased with in the horrible conditions. Just last week I popped down to the Beeston CC’s evening 10 on the very lumpy West Leake course and rode an incredibly surprising 24:15 which was a massive course Pb and a season Pb so far. Felt awful riding out so it goes to show that you should always have a go if possible. I did have a friend in front to chase and another fast friend behind to stay away from so that definitely helped too.

I’m feeling a bit fragile and the anxiety is back though which is annoying me and makes it hard to get motivated, can sometime feel like there’s a tight band around my chest and can make it difficult to breath properly. I’ve always had ‘jiggy’ legs but it’s no surprise that I’m restless all the time and am struggling to sleep unless I wear myself out with exercise. Will see what my councillor says!

Will report back after that I guess – and then there’s France for three weeks to look forward too! 🙂


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