I knew something wasn’t right

27 May

Well hate to say it but it’s been a really rough week, Ms BlackDog and I parted ways at the weekend. It was unexpected and came as an enormous shock. I thought I was in trouble for not doing something as she had been off a bit on the phone all week. I’m hoping that once the dust settles we can stay friends.

We live in separate cities so spending time together had always been a bit problematic. However she had accepted a job in North Nottingham and we were going to be spending a lot more time together mid week. I don’t really want to get to get into the whys and wherefores about the breakup as to be honest I don’t really know why it happened other than she said she couldn’t live with me. I’m trying not to take it too personally and thankful that we could both be adult about it.

I’m really missing her, and finding it very difficult. The world is a very different place without her and the future is now more uncertain. I’m trying to keep busy and using the time to train, spend time with friends and do more coaching. So far so good but I’m bound to crash soon and it probably won’t be pretty. My friends have been awesome and have been looking after me so a huge thanks to them. Also thanks to Ben & Jerries for their Phish Food ice cream!

On a better note, my appointment for counselling has finally come through so I at last be getting a bit of help, just as well really as you can imagine my anxiety levels are through the roof at the moment!


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