16 Mar

I’m 34, a product designer, a Triathlon Coach and I’ve recently been diagnosed with Depression (that bit was hard to type). I’ve been wanting to keep a blog for a A Cocker Spanielwhile to collect my musings and ramblings and it seemed as good a time as any to start one. I’m really intending this for me but hey if it helps anyone else along the way then that’ll be great too. I’ll cover training, triathlon, depression and also me from time to time. It’ll probably be terribly self indulgent for which I make no apoligies.

So why ‘Running with the Black Dog’ ? I’ve had some dark periods in the past and while I’ve not admitted to myself that it was depression I did some web searching and came across the Black Dog analogy and kind of indentified with it. Sometimes your depression is huge, scary and sits on your chest barking at you. Sometimes however it’s the friendliest thing that will gamble alongside you on your adventures. As it’s Man’s Best Friend it will never leave your side so you’d better learn to live with it. I’ve always found that the best thing to do with my Black Dog is to take it running (or do any other excercise), we seem to get on much better then.


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